Achieving Business Empowerment leveraging Knack

Hi Knacksters!

I’m currently in the process of putting together a comprehensive training and coaching program to teach managers, leaders and owners of businesses how to achieve team empowerment. Key is using Knack to build quicker, cheaper and better than other more frustrating and ineffective software. The technology is the catalyst to achieve the business outcomes of clarity, alignment, accountability and empowerment.

Having used Knack for 10 years now, I’ve seen how the elements of Knack work best together to create a system that is simple to use, enjoyable and actually delivers the business outcomes you want. And I have also seen how frustrating so many other systems continue to be (e.g. CRM, HR, PM, Governance software) - how they are so manual and time consuming, have little automations, are hard to extract/view useful data, etc.

But, I see that many people think the learning curve of Knack is too much to take it on themselves (or possibly aren’t even aware of what is possible). Where in reality, I’ve found you can spend as long working through specifications and testing with an external vender as you can to build it yourself with Knack (and integrations) AND it will be 10x better!

So, this training and coaching program is about guiding users through a comprehensive roadmap and supporting them throughout the journey to empowering leadership (with a great digital catalyst: Knack). It will be regularly link the business outcome to be achieved (e.g. visibility, notifications, process) and the technical Knack features to use: both the why and how!

The program will start free (with a discounted premium program) initially to refine the program and gather feedback.

Do you think this would be of interest to people you know?

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