Ability to save as draft

Is there anyway that allow users to save their work as a draft before submitting it for review or finalization? How do you handle it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @RonB,

Create a Status field (multiple choice) with options such as Draft, Submitted For Review, and Published. Then set the status via Record Rules when the form is submitted.

Hope this helps.


Hello @KnackPros, thank you for your time on this. I’m curious about your suggestion. If I set a status to “draft,” will the work in progress in the form be saved with all the information the user has inputted? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Ron,

To confirm, the user will need to click a button or link to save their progress. The progress isn’t saved automatically when filling out the form, but it can be with custom code. Let’s keep things simple though and assume you are using the Knack Builder.

Let’s use the example of a publishing platform. Your app has Writers and Editors.

Writers can submit articles for review and save them as drafts; Editors can review them and publish them.

In the Knack Builder under the Schema tab, create an Article object. Create user roles for Writers and Editors.

Under the Pages tab, create two pages: Add Article and Update Article, each containing a form to add an Article record and update an Article record, respectively. Writers can access these pages. Editors have their own pages, forms, and a list of Articles awaiting review (i.e. status of Submitted For Review).

As a Writer, when I add a new Article (i.e. when the Add Article form is submitted), the default status is set to Draft. When I update a Article (i.e. when the Update Article form is submitted), the status is set to Submitted For Review or Draft again. Note: Your business process may vary, but you get the idea.

As an Editor, I view the list of Articles and when I’m ready to publish an Article, I update the Article and change its status to Published.

That’s one approach. There are lots of different approaches depending on your business needs.


One restriction will be that if you have mandatory fields, they would need to be filled to allow even a draft save.

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I had this very same problem. The way I got around it was to use validation rules on the fields instead of setting them as required fields. The validation rule can be set to check the status. If the status is set to “Save Draft” or some other variation, it doesn’t validate, if it is set to “Publish,” etc., it validates according to the rule.