Ability to be able to a table report to default to Show All

I really don't see why this is not already a feature. It causes a bit of confusion for my users when they pull a report that they want to see a total for but the table is only showing 100 of the records (because that's the max default) and they have to manually change the display to show all every time they load the page. This is especially frustrating if they are editing records on the report because every time they finish editing, it return them to the parent page but defaults back to 100.

Why not give us a "Show All" option on the builder side, especially since the end user has it?!?!?!

PS...I LOVE Knack! Please, please, please make this real!!!

This isn't really a direct answer to your question, but one way around the frustrating user experience would be to add a simple report above the table - a pivot table or one of the other types that shows totals and then they don't need to rely on the table.