WORKDAY.INTL equation for counting only week days starting from a specific date

I would like to request a very important equation to my needs. it's know in excel as WORKDAY.INTL.

It will calculate the last week day from an equation like this: starting date + 10 week days = X

I will ignore weekends and only count week day.

We really need this equation as well. The problem we're encountering is setting automated delivery dates. Currently, weekends are included so when a delivery date generated falls on a weekend, we would manually have to adjust the date to either Fri or Mon as a workaround. We and a majority of organisations only operate on weekdays.

Current example: { 1/Jul/2019 } + 7 days = 7/Jul/2019

Excluding weekend example: { 1/Jul/2019 } + 7 days = 9/Jul/2019