Validating an input value with a column value in another connected object as soon as the input field is blur and the form is not submitted yet. Is it possible to do without API Calls

I have a form that i need to filled by the User, the scenario is like that we need to validate a number (filled by the User) to a list of numbers which are present in another connected object. So what happens when a user logs in and types in the number in the field, the value of that field is being checked with the values that we have in the connected object. If value matches then the form can be submitted other wise the form can not be submitted.

So i need some help/opinion on how can we validate the value in the input field with all the values the connected object field. Is it possible without API calls or with no code method.

Hi @Scott4

I don’t believe this is possible without using code. I think you could do it without the API though.

If you’re interested in the code Ill post an example.

I might be wrong and there may be a no code solution, what do you think @CarlHolmes ?


I think you’d have to use some JavaScript to query the value in the connected object dynamically to disable the submit button. There isn’t any built in method (that I’m aware of) to do this before the form is submitted. :thinking:

Thank you Carl

@Scott4 if you’re interested a code solution I am happy to help. This could definitely be done without the API.

You would need a hidden view on the same page as the form that displays the numbers you wish to validate against.

Let me know if you’d like help with this and I’ll post a solution in the morning.


Craig can you email me at sgm (at) I would like to talk to you about working with you for ongoing help and support. Thank you!