Using Zapier to integrate Cognito Forms

Hello! I have posted this issue in the Zapier community as well but haven’t had much luck. I am using Zapier to move data from Cognito Forms into Knack. The issue I am having is none of the Time fields are displaying. The Zapier logs show the time stamp for Data Out of Cognito Forms, then the timestamp for Data In for Knack but then for Data Out for Knack the time is removed. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @Richard8,
I’ve never used Cognito Forms, but I have inputted dates into Knack via Zapier before.
Knack is sensitive with date/times via API, but the best way I find is to load it in ISO format, which you can do with the Format (Date/Time) action step.

I use zap_meta_human_now in my input, but you can grab the input of your Cognito date, select the format it originated from and convert it to YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ format.

Hope that helps!

Another thing to add, is I have tried all the options for the Date and Time field, Current, None, and specific. It appears Knack is changing the data that is pulled in from Cognito Forms via Zapier.