User authentication for downloads

Please could Knack add user authentication to file downloads?
At the moment users don’t need to be logged into Knack to download documents/photos
etc. uploaded using forms etc. This means that the public can access
potentially confidential files e.g. employee records, medical records, invoices
etc. if they can correctly guess the download URL.

Yes, looks like an update to me - see for a change in API response.  I'm sure we'll hear from the team what the change is and I suspect it enables the feature we've requested here.


Has this been done without a blog post, chat message or email as I see a user with an issue here ( and then checked and see I have a "Secure" option now in files??

Also why not an option for images??



Just thinking the same thing...yes please.

We're holding back some medical and like apps at the moment because of this, and we're spoiled with how well Knack filters records based on user credentials.  File access to follow is a natural progression.

I agree as well, we need to secure all files

Agreed - I need users to be able to upload medical reports so security around file access is very important. Is there any update on plans for improving security around this?

I agree.  I have files that subscribed members should only have access to however, anyone with the link can access the file.