Use FontAwesome Icons in Apps

Hello this is a way I found to include Font Awesome icons in my app:

- Go to and sign-up using your email to get a custom embed code (ie: <script src=""></script> )

- Load the script using one of these two methods provided in Knack support docs:

- Now create a new Text Formula field (In my case I wanted to add Github icons to a Short Text field where I added a company's Github url

EX: <a href="{Github Url}"><i class="fa fa-github-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>

- In this case not all of the company's had a github url so I had to go into Views >> Display Rules and add a rule to hide the Text Forumla field if the other url field was empty

This setup displayed the following:

Font awesome has 600+ icons and I'm sure this method would work with other icon libraries.

Hopes this helps someone.

Great work. I can see this being very valuable and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention; functional.