Update connected records would be powerful with query functionality

We have a lot of one-to-many connections in our app. Some of the work we do involves performing updates to one record, then having it update connected records.

Currently, we have to use “Update connected records” → “Each Task connected to this record” to perform these updates. You can currently specify rules on the active record to control when the rule runs. It would also be incredibly useful if we had the ability to specify condition(s) that each connected record must meet to receive the update (using and/or logic for multiple conditions).

Let’s say I was updating a “shipment” entry and I link 12 vegetable crates, 5 fruit crates, and 4 dry goods crates to the shipment (stored as 21 records on a “goods” object linked to the shipment in a many to one form). If I needed to update shipment data, but only wanted to have it update goods that are “fruit,” currently I would not be able to perform this update and would have to go through the 21 records and update the fruit records myself. Being able to add a query condition of “good type is fruit” would be a humongous help, and would also assist us in de-complicating our app tenfold.

I strongly second this. I have a Business object and an Application object in my app. When the business updates their core info (e.g. they change their legal business name) I only want their most recent application to get updated with that change - I don’t want their years’ and years’ worth of historical applications being retroactively edited. I want their past data to be preserved and it seems impossible to do this currently.

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