Unable to submit options to a form field

I have a form dropdown field that contains values from a linked table. I go to add the field to a form and it allows me to select and save any of the dropdown values, however I want my users to have the ability to add options as they become known. 

There is a handy checkbox on the form that says "Allow users to add new options" however when I check that box I am unable to save the field. I press submit and nothing happens

Strangely I can't change anything on this edit field option - no matter what options I choose it will not update. Not even the title. There is no egg timer or error message but I can not submit the form, I have to press the X to leave.

Any idea why ? Help !

Just solved it! I am using Chrome Version 70.0.3538.67 and when I open the app in Edge ... magically the problem is resolved. Something funky with Chrome would be my guess. Anyway - solved for now

I am experiencing the same thing! Did you get a resolution?