Time and Attendance Logger

I saw a Facebook ad for Knack that was an article called " 18 No-Code Apps for Construction." I was reading it and number 2 is:
Time and Attendance Logger

  • Worker check-in/check-out: Use geolocation or QR codes for site-specific check-ins and monitor attendance patterns.
  • Automated time logs: Aggregate daily hours to simplify payroll and identify any overtime issues.

Does anyone have a template for this? This is exactly what I need and I would love it if I don’t have to build it from scratch. Thanks!

Hi @Joshua !

I believe you may be referring to this: 18 No-Code Apps for Construction: Bridging the Digital Gap

While there is no currently available template for a Time and Attendance Logger specifically, there are a couple of sample apps available such as the Employee Time Sheet Template and the Timecard Manager Portal sample app.

If you have any questions about how you can accomplish building out your time and attendance logger app, please feel free to sign up for Knack’s office hours. :slight_smile:

Thanks Les, I booked some time with Knack’s office hours