Thumbnail Images

It would be great for users to be able to click on a thumbnail image and have it expand into a larger version. Having to view larger image on the detail page is not practical. If the user clicks the included Back link rather than using the Back button, they are taken to the top of the table every time. This could quickly become frustrating on a large table where you have to continually scroll back to the record you were viewing. Please add a thumbnail option as soon as possible.

 Clickable thumbnail images would be a great addition. However, we could really use the option to include clickable thumbnails on the details page itself (and not just the table). Our use may have several images included in the details page, and we do not want to be scrolling through multiple large images when we could just view that there are, in fact, several images associated with the content by seeing all the thumbnails (with the option to expand these images in an asset viewer).

Is this built-in asset viewer the reason files don't open in new browser tabs any more? 

Please also offer a way to disable it, as it may not suit everyone! 


This would be a wonderful addition. Any idea when it might be available?