Task Completion Notification Email

Being able to create a scheduled task is great.

However, because a task sometimes may not run (Knack Support never find a solution to fix this for years). Thus, it would be good to send an email to the App Admin to notify him/her a task’s completion.

BTW, today, new features come out so slowly, and hardly see any requests get implemented !!

Hi @AlagoLowe

If I need this kind of feature I generally use Integromat to do it. You can also combine record updates and emails into one process which is something I often need to do - as well as accessing connected and un-connected records as needed for the process.

Integromat and Knack make a fine combination!!


We have discussed and hope to create a dashboard/source of truth for Builders to manage the activity and some high level analytics of their applications.

I think another solution would be along the lines of Linked tasks (task dependency) - I see @JulianKirkness also suggesting Integromat there as a great solution for now.

Ultimately - we need to offer both task reliability, safe guards and a system of record to ensure data trustworthiness and confidence in automated workflows.

Regarding implementing feature requests - thank you for bringing this up. We have plans to ramp up here again soon. The end of the year brought resources focused on upgrading our codebase and infrastructure, and some smaller product updates that did not explicitly close out public requests. This less tangible work doesn’t translate as easily to announcements and progress, but we do owe an update!

If I schedule a task, how to use Integromat to inform me when a task is completed ?
Appreciate your details of this solution.

It is good to have task dependency.
However, allowing multiple conditions and actions in a task is more needed. See this Request:

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