Syntax for getUserAttributes() Assignment


First foray into the Community - looking for simple syntax to move "email" attribute from getUserAttributes() into a field when I create a record.

Here's my code that doesn't work :):

$(document).on('knack-record-create.view_155', function(event, view, record) {

I have to do this because I can't use the normal way of using a connected value (for audit trail purposes).


Justin. You have a couple of scripts that I would like to include in my app. Are you available for hire?

Thank you! (

You'll need to send an ajax request.

Something like this:

$(document).on('knack-record-create.view_155', function(event, view, record) {
var email = $('input#field_188').attr('value', Knack.getUserAttributes().email);

var newRecord =;

var data = {field_xxx: email}; // change to the field you want updated


url: '' + newRecord,

//Change 'url' to an input form on the relevant object

type: 'PUT',
headers: {
'Authorization': Knack.getUserToken(),
'X-Knack-Application-Id': Knack.application_id,
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
data: JSON.stringify(data),
success: function(response) {
console.log('Record Updated');

error: function(jqXHR, exception) {
var msg = '';
if (jqXHR.status === 0) {
msg = 'Not connect.\n Verify Network.';
} else if (jqXHR.status == 404) {
msg = 'Requested page not found. [404]';
} else if (jqXHR.status == 500) {
msg = 'Internal Server Error [500].';
} else if (exception === 'parsererror') {
msg = 'Requested JSON parse failed.';
} else if (exception === 'timeout') {
msg = 'Time out error.';
} else if (exception === 'abort') {
msg = 'Ajax request aborted.';
} else {
msg = 'Uncaught Error.\n' + jqXHR.responseText;


So - almost set!

I can now pull the email value - but cannot get it to write to the record during the knack-record-create action. Tried every syntax in line (2) that I can think of... Any suggestions out there?

$(document).on('knack-record-create.view_155', function(event, view, record) {
$('input#field_188').attr('value', Knack.getUserAttributes().email)

Thanks - Ty

Thanks, Laura!

Just a quick syntax correction here - you'll want use Knack.getUserAttributes().email instead.