We are using Knack quite extensively and ended up with many pages in the menu bar.

It will be good if Knack can support sub-menu so that we can organize the pages into sub-menu, instead of displaying all of them on the menu bar.

I would also like to see the introduction of submenus.

If introducing this feature, t would be great if within the Menu view, you could drag the tabs to becoming subordinate (rather than recreating the linked pages).

E.g You have the following menu tabs linking to pages:

Gadgets | Widgets | Gadget Planning | Gadget Installation | Widget Installation

The developer may want to rationalise the toplevel menu with submenus to being


-- Gadgets____--Gadget Planning

-- Widgets____--Gadget Installation

_____________--Widget Installation

Ideally, this could be enabled by creating new top-level menu link for PRODUCTS and SERVICES in the Menu View and then dragging the already created menus link to the top level item so that they appear as a submenu.

One suggestion of implementation would be:

- A sub menu page as Global menu

- The sub menu have items linked to various pages

- The sub menu is visible or invisible depending on the permission

This way, multiple sub menu can have link to same page, and the current page permission setting is not affected.

I have tried that, unfortunate there are some limitations to this:

- If there is another menu view in the sub-page, the ‘parent’ menu bar will disappear when user click on the menu in the sub-page. Of course the user can click on the main menu then the tab again to navigate to another part of the sub menu, however this can be confusion at times for users.

- There is no way to group pages with different permission. For example, I like to have a “Finance” menu with sub menu “Purchase Order”, “Invoice”, “Claims” etc, and each of these pages have different permissions. Currently the user with all the permission will have a long list of items on the menu bar, so the users who has the most privileges will end up with a massive long list of items in the menu (and I happen to be one of them :0 ).

Have you tried add a menu view to display sub-pages? There's an option to format menu links as "tabs" which can work well for further organizing your pages.