Splitting data from many-to-many connection fields


I have the below form which allows my end-user to submit which dates certain recurring events are occuring each month.

I want to be able to split this data (that is in the many-to-many connection fields) into separate rows in another object, so that I can run a Task on the data to auto-populate detailed entries specific to each row - since I can’t run a Task that will work with these many-to-many connection fields - any suggestions how to do this?


Hi @PCO, I would firstly recommend using Make to get the field values on submit of the form, and run a loop against each item to create a new record in the separate table in Knack.
If not this approach, you will likely need some custom code within the JavaScript editor to do something similar.
I’d be happy to assist with either if you want to message me privately.

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Exactly what Stephen said. Using Make, you’ll use the Iterator module to split the array (the many to many field) into individual records, and then use Make’s Knack module to “create a record” for each of the individual items that were split from the iterator.