Split screen sign up - Need help testing

Hello Knackers,

I have been building a 4 step sign up page and it's been going rather well. However I'd love for the community to come together to help test as it' nearly finished.

In return id love to help others who help me test it the help to build something like this for themselfs. So I guess you could say this is a community project.

Each step is saved into the database and you can scroll back once you have completed a step. I have used 4 separate forms and a separate right hand side.

I'd love to hear peoples feed back if you wanted to go through the sign up and email me personally. Just be aware it's not completley finished and needs tweeking but with your help and support we can all have a awesome new sign up for our users.

sign up here https://johnparsons.knack.com/goworkers-new-design2#add-new-acccount-start/

and contact me on jonathan.mart.parsons@gmail.com

Hi Jonathan,

This looks good, but I am not able to get past step 4. I click "Next", but noting happens.

Thanks, Richard

Sent you an email Jonathan.