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I have a dashboard that displays all of my orders for different property addresses. We also have an edit order page to edit the details of a specific record. On this edit order page, I would like to display a list or table that would show property addresses in my database that are similar (ie: on the same street).

I can create a list, but it asks me to limit it to the Accounts assigned to record being viewed. I want it to search all records regardless of what Account the record is assigned to. This list needs to be displayed on the edit record page, which seems to be the limiting factor.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

I think it doesn’t work because you are probably mixing data coming from a single account with data from multiple account.

A possible workaround, depending on how your data is set-up, would be to bypass the classical edit page altogether, instead create a new page with data from all account (for your second table), and on that page add the first table, restricting it to data from a single account.
Then you can link to that page renaming the link “Edit order”.

(I hope it works, it depends on how your whole database is set-up I think)

This may work, but how do I filter the records that are similar? When selecting the source, filter options require the user to specify the exact result.

Oh, I missed that part of the problem. Hmm, tricky indeed.
Why do you need that data? Is it to optimize a route or something?
You could do the meh version of having a table with all adresses with suggested Filter where you have to copy the street name, zip code, or such, but I cannot think of anything that is automatic.

I am far from an expert though, so hopefully a wiser person will answer :sweat_smile:

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Hi, Ryan!

Please consider reaching out to the support team so that they can directly take a look at your app’s setup and help you accomplish your goal with the List view. They will be happy to help!

Have a great rest of your week and thank you for sharing you question! :slight_smile: