Show hide groups on display options

I often group fields together on a form that relate to a multiple choice answer … it would be good to be able to show/hide the whole group rather than just field by field … is this possible?

I agree that this would be really helpful.

I'd also add that this could be made even more powerful if when a group is hidden any changes a user has made to the fields in that group are cleared. Or at least there was the option to make it this way.

Just so that if a user fills in a group but then decides actually they want to choose a different option which makes the data in the group irrelevant you don't end up collecting redundant data. 

On form rules, being able to hide an entire group, based on a field value, i.e. a check box being checked or a specific selection in a multi-select, would be very helpful.

Would save a lot of building time and be a great enhancement!