Show date of last related record in a table/field

I have a table that shows the date of a related record, but I want to filter it to just be the last one.


I have a device that gets annual tests. In the device page, I have a table view showing the device information. One of the columns shows the dates of the inspections (related records). I just want it to show the most recent date. How can I apply a filter for this? I don't see an option for filtering just one related record column.

Right now, I'm manually updating the date in the device record, which updates the next due date for next year (in a field via an equation). I would much prefer the date in the device record to capture the data from the last related inspection, which would push the due date update also.


I saw the related post you convert the date to numeric format to figure out which is the higher and lower number but maybe im not getting the object setup to pull the record... I have an object tracking all of the logins for the app and it's connected to the account object. How can I pull the latest login record for the connected account and set a field in the account object to the date of the latest login?

That works, thank you!

Could you use this tip to build a maximum date for inspections in your device object: