Filtering the latest date for each child record

I have a parent database that contains vehicle information, for example a record of every instance each vehicle in the fleet has visited the workshop including the date of that visit and the work performed.

How do I write a function under a separate field to show the latest date relevant to each vehicle?

Hey @Hector - if your workshop visits are in a related table to the vehicles object you can use the below article to find the Max Value.
Add an equation field in the child object to convert the date to a number. Then in the parent you lookup the max value :+1:

Got it! Tx

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Hey @Hector - Hope the knowledge article was of use and it all made sense.

If so, please mark as solved :100: :white_check_mark: :+1:

Does anyone know if this functionality has been removed for dates?
I do not see dates as fields I can select for the MAX function.

I have tried converting the date to a number with an equation in the child.
I can get the Max then, but when I convert that back to a date (with either an equation or conditional rules) it’s not the same date.

Not that I’m aware of, I use this method in most of my client apps and haven’t been told it’s stopped working.

Hi Erik

Here’s how I achieved something similar for our asset maintenance records (child) for the asset (parent).

After going to all this trouble I worked out it was easier to use a Submit rule each time to write the value of the Asset Maintenance expiry date field to the Asset Next Maintenance field.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Carl. After I slowed down and read the article (instead of what I thought the article should say) it worked as indicated.
Thanks again!

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