Send email when button is clicked

I was wondering if anyone had spent anytime thinking about the cleanest way to add a button in a view which when clicked will send an email.

I want this because when a team member has completed a monthly task, I want them to punch a button that will trigger an email to the project manager.

Thanks for any tips

Yes, it’s easy.

Just create a form with no input and add email rules

Sunny Singla


There are a few different ways you can do this:

  1. Have the event trigger a Task (which updates a record and/or sends an email)
  2. Create a blank form button as a modal that auto-submits with some JS code
  3. Create an Action Link in a Table Column that calls a button CSS class with HTML
  4. Create an Action Link in a Details view (and optionally display it as a button)

Example 3: Resend Email to Reviewer button

  • I have this button display once a Reviewer is assigned the record and the Project Manager can click the button to send an email reminder to the Assigned Reviewer to complete their review.

Example 4: Send Customer Email button
We allow customers to access their case management page via a code. Staff can send the customer an email from the Case Details view with their code and directions in it if the customer forgets or loses it.


Hope this helps! Choose whichever option fits your business need.


Thank you very much for your help. I went for the button within a form option as it means I can then associate the task with the Client being completed.