Selective Equation Calculation

Hi there.

I am trying to calculate a number equation but it has to be conditional.

so if radio button "A" is ticked do some calculation, or if Radio Button "B" is ticked do another calculation.

This would be multiple choice so there is more than one choice but only one choice can be selected.

I thought I could read the status of the radio button but cant see how to do it.

I have tried to contact support but have not had a reply.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many Thanks


Hi Engin,

You're going to use a simple ternary operator to do your task.

In field 1, you'll need to have numbers to select from as your multiple choice.

in field 2, you'll need to have your ternary equation that references field 1 and that outputs the equations you need.

here's the equation i wrote in field 2: {Multiple Choice field}==1? 1+1 : ({Multiple Choice field}==2? 2+2: 3+3)

if you need to select from text instead of numbers, make a field 3, multiple choice. then make field 1 Conditional rules and have it set a 1 for your first choice in field 3, etc.

be happy to look at this with you if you have more questions.