Conditional Equations, leave value empty for last ternary operator

I am using a conditional equation to only figure out % if there are values to figure out. I don't want 0% in all the rows, I just want it figured where there are numbers to work with.


If {Decision Rent Increase} exists, then figure out the % increase, otherwise I want to leave blank/empty. I can put '0', but I would prefer nothing. It errors if you don't add the last operator.


{Decision Rent Increase} > 0 ? ({Base Rent} + {Decision Rent Increase} + {Reduced Services Value} - {Base Rent}) / {Base Rent} : 0

What am I forgetting to try? Any solutions.


Oh yes, simplicity. I forgot it isn't necessarily about what I see behind the scenes in Builder, but we can tailor what users see.

That works. It looks a little odd to me that a bunch of rent fields show up, the proposed rent info, but the rest when a decision is made don't show up. Looks a little like an error to me, but if I train folks that if it isn't there, it doesn't exist yet. Should be fine.


Maybe it's simpler Tim?

  1. Set the equation without the conditional test: ({Base Rent} + {Decision Rent Increase} + {Reduced Services Value} - {Base Rent}) / {Base Rent}
  2. Set the field to not display when the result is zero in table and detail views.