Search option is needed on field selection lists

As a developer, I want to be able to search for a field by keywords so that I can locate faster fields on long field selection lists in the builder.
In many places in the builder we need to select a table field, like for example when setting up filters. When the number of fields in the table is big (I have tables with hundreds of fields), I need to scroll up and down through the list trying to hunt the field name I’m looking for. Not only scanning a long list is time consuming, if I miss the value I need I keep going all the way to the end of the list just to find that I need to scan it again.
A search option should allow to enter a keyword and get the list filtered by that keyword, thus making locating the needed field much quicker. That should increase application development efficiency a lot.
A similar search field was added recently to table field lists. That has been a major improvement. I’m suggesting to implement the same on field selection drop down lists.

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