Search form Feild dependencies not working

I want to build a search form with field dependencies.

The search form is based on a log table.

The Log table Fields are as follows:
ApplicantChnagelog-ID (autonumber)
Applicant (connection to Applicant table)
ChangeLogFiled (text)
ApplicantChangeLog-Date (date)
Application (Connection to Application table)

In the search from I want to make a field dependency between Application field and Applicant field.

When I try this using a regular form it works. However, when I try this in a Search form the Applicant field is always empty.

Application field is set to “show all”
Applicant field is set to “Applicants connected to this form Application”

Does anyone know what I may be missing or doing wrong? Or is this a glitch in the Search form?

p.s Thanks David Parrish for the great video on this!!

Hi Mike, if you feel like everything is set up correctly but you’re running into a glitch, please feel free to submit a ticket to with the details and we’d be happy to take a look.

If you do so, we’d appreciate links to the relevant page/objects in your app. Thanks!

Hi @Marek - this is something I have experienced and am aware that other partners have had issues with. I had exactly this issue yesterday whereby you can’t setup dependant drop downs in a search component, even through the option is available.
I’ll create a short video walk through, raise a ticket and link in this thread :thread:

Hi @Marek - So below is the link to a video that I created of the problem. I am putting it here so that others can see the issue clearly. I will also send this same video along with links to my site so you can take a look for yourself and see where the issue may be.


Hi @Marek @Mikeacce - Please see below the same issue (plus an additional one) to further illustrate Mikeacce’s point. I raised on support ticket (167978)

Thanks for providing those details!

@CarlHolmes we’ll follow up with you directly when we have an update.
@Mikeacce would you mind sharing your ticket number so I can make sure that we’ll also be letting you know?

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I never got a ticket number when I sent my e-mail to support. So maybe it was not created for some reason.