Search connected data in List View

Few days ago I was VERY disapointed to not find the same elaborated rules and functionalities of the Table View in the List View. The List View is the best view for smartphone visibility because the view is responsive to the size of the screen.

Then I was confronted with the fact that the Keyword Search does not include the data from Connected fields. For Table View my trick was to add the Connect field in the table, and then hide it with a any rule. Then its data was searchable.

In absence of those rules in List View, my trick was to add the Connected field in the List View and make it disapear reducing the text and line sizes to 0px.
#view_xxx .field_yyy .kn-detail-body {font-size: 0px; color: #fff; line-height: 0px; }

And with this invisible Connected field, now the Keyword Search does include its data.

uffff that was painful.



Knack Team responded to me about searching in Connected data fields. It does include connected fields but they discovered a bug for the many-to-many connection data.

“Thanks for sharing those details, Keyword Search does include connected fields (connection data), but after testing it on our end, we found a problem when the connection is many-to-many like in the example you’ve provided.
When it comes to Text Formula fields, the situation is very similar. You will find connected fields in a Text Formula drop-down menu when the connection is one-to-many, but the many-to-many connections are missing.
This has been reported to our Engineering Team for further investigation, we’ll get back to you as soon as we have a solution for it.”

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Did you ever hear anything back about this?

Hi @Erik, I am not sure because my trick is working so no more need.

But I think with the launch of the new performance environment they improved the search tool and if I am not mistaken I read that they fixed it.

You better try it. I will have look and give back to you this week.

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