Remove Current Record from Connected Record

As an Admin and Knack designer, I want to be able to remove a record from a connected record so that I can allow my users to reject objects submitted for evaluation.

I work in a security company that has hundreds of sites across the west coast. I’m creating an employee requisition system. This means my managers in the field can advertise that they have an open position. Other managers can submit employees that aren’t a good fit at their site, or are asking for a change in pace. Recruiting can then slot the candidates in to requisitions for managers to interview, and either accept or reject.

Right now, the manager goes to the detail page, and has to click an action link on the details page. This link will flush all candidates from the requisition, when I’d prefer to have a 1 by 1 solution.

What I’d like to see is when you insert a table of connected objects to a detail page and create an action link, I’d like the editor to be able to pass in a self identity for the child object. So : Modify Connected Record>Change Candidates to custom value>by removing> THIS.