Remember me option on login page missing

Is it possible to have a “remember me” option on the initial login screen? I’ve looked through all the settings and can’t seem to find this as an option yet I’ve seen what appears other programs that were designed using Knack that have this option.

Any and all help including code to add this option would greatly be appreciated.

This is the login screen for my sandbox application and it has the “remember me” option, as do all my other apps. Not sure if I’m misunderstanding your query :thinking: Hope this helps.

Carl, thanks again for your response. For some reason none of my apps have this “remember me” option on the login in screen. The only options for the user is “Email Address”, “Password” and of course the “Sign In” button. Like I stated in my original post, I was wondering if there was a setting I was missing. I looked multiple times and I see nothing about “remember me”.

It’s not a builder setting, it’s a default option built into Knack. I presume you don’t have custom CSS hiding the component?
I’m using Google Chrome web browser.
I recommend raising a ticket to so the team can investigate for you.

Carl, once again thanks for the response. I don’t have any CSS code that is hiding the “remember me” option on login and just to verify, I copied one of my apps, renamed it “XXX_copy” and then deleted ALL the CSS & JavaScript codes and then tried it and same result NO remember me option on login. Weird thing is, if I start a new app from a template (ie customer portal) the remember me option is available. Also, I tried using Chrome, Firefox and Bing browsers with same results.

Will be opening a ticket w/support…

Maybe Carl if there’s a CSS code to remove this option, which I don’t have, maybe an Expert knows of a way to add the “remember me” option on login. ???

Hey @Jon1 - After some investigation, as I’ve never paid much attention to the “Remember me” option.
It relates to the security setting for automatically logging out users after a period of inactivity.
If you have this option active the “Remember me” option is disabled.

Settings > User Logins > Security Settings

Check out this article on the Knack Knowledge Base

Sorry for not being able to point you in the right direction first time, as mentioned, I don’t often use the inactivity method so always have the “Remember me” option available.

Everyday is a school day, for us all…lol :roll_eyes:

If this has resolved your issue please mark this thread as solved :+1:

You the man Carl… That’s exactly what is was. Unless there’s a work around to have both the “remember me” and Auto logout option, I’ll have to choose which I want as I do like having the Auto Logout feature after a stated time.

Maybe there’s a CSS code that I can use for the Auto Logout option. ???

Thanks again Carl… JON

The auto log out is an extra level of security to avoid users automatically signing in.
For example: a user leaves their PC unattended but logged in, Knack logs them out due to inactivity but if they have been “remembered” anyone could just click sign in.
Having both options would be a conflict in security terms.
Not recommended IMO :man_shrugging:

I know on other apps I used outside of Knack, the remember me option simply remembers the username but the user is still required to enter there password. I’d like to have the ability to log a user out after inactivity say after 30 minutes, then if that user want to re-enter site/program, their username (email address) is filled because of the remember me option is checked and then they have to enter password.

Yeah, sorry I can’t help you with that, not a coder :disappointed_relieved: