Refresh all objects daily

Is there a way to force recalculate all fields in all objects on a timer - let’s say daily? It seems my calculated fields (esp. if they use the current date) and Count fields do not update until a recalculation is forced - for example, by running a task that updates a dummy field. Looking for a more elegant and reliable solution.

Hi @AndrewBang54366

This can be a problem with Knack if you have both a lot of records and many calculations that happen each day (for example equations that use current date). I am personally hoping that performance of these calculations improves considerably when we all get the performance environment in the coming week(s)!

In the meantime you may want to consider other ways of addressing the same requirement that doesn’t result in equations that need to recalculate regularly. For example for one client’s system (which is very large) I often use display rules to highlight dates which need to be looked at.

Hi @JulianKirkness and thanks for your reply. I see two issues.

  1. Date calculations need to update everytime the date changes but I’m not sure that ever occurs automatically. I have Events with a field named Years Ago and equation getDateYear(currentTime())-{Year}. That field is used to determine if the Member participated last year or prior years. I doubt Years Ago updates every year on 1/1.

  2. In my application, Count fields are often wrong, likely because they do not automatically update when the child records update esp. if the child update affects the Count filter. Possibly it updates eventually or possibly my data model is just too complex.

Can’t we just trigger a “recalculate everything” event?