Printing issue when embedded in website

When i print from the app viewer a page requires 3 pages.

With the app embedded on a page on my website, the same action tries to generate over 30,000 pages.

Any ideas why this might be?

Images below

Not come across this one before :man_shrugging:
Recommend raising a support ticket :tickets:

i will, thanks,

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just checked it to include the url in the ticket - all seems to be resolved ,strange

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That’s extremely strange. Generally if you run across something like this, go ahead and fire off a support ticket even if you are going to ask here on the forums too. We’re going to ask you to do it anyways, so it gets it into the queue faster. Including a URL like you were preparing helps us get to troubleshooting the problem faster too, appreciate the forethought!

If it pops up again, feel free to ping with a reply and let us know you submitted that support ticket. I’d be very interested to see if we could pinpoint how we accidentally generated 30k pages to print.

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I just raised a ticket with the steps to replicate.

Appreciate it! I’m grabbing it and taking a look now.