Pass search parameters through url and hide search field


I have set up a page that has a search function to filter through records.

Is there a way to pass search parameters through the URL so that the filtered records will display once the page is loaded?

Also, is there a way of hiding the search fields so that the user cannot search for further records using the page?

Finally, can this be done through an embedded page?

hmm may be we both have different version of knack.



Sunny Singla

Thanks, but it didn't work.

The below works:

#view_abc .kn-search-form {
display:none !important;

#view_abc .kn-submit {
display:none !important;

Hello Mathew,


Yes you can do with just a simple CSS below

#view_abc .level-left
display: none!important;



Sunny Singla


Thanks for your help.

The following pages have help me sort out the first point

Let me know if there is a way to hide the search fields.

Hi Sunny

The filter needs to be dynamic.

I'm using a chat bot lead to generate records (product scenarios) that contain caclulations that is based upon product specific formula contained in Knack and also user specific parameters and criteria that have been inputted into Knack using the chat bot and Integromat.

The records need to be filtered and ranked to so that the most suitable products scenarios that are specific to the user are displayed to the user.

I'm trying to have the end the chat bot process to land on a page showing the results.

The user data is not sensitive and so I don't need the user to create a login prior to showing these results. 


Hello Mathew,


Yes it's simple but why you required to add filter in url .. If filter is not dynamic you can just add filter in view 



Sunny Singla