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Is there anyone on the board who is good at knack that would like to work on like a per question or per minute or block of time. Some type of arrangement. I'm an experienced developer however I have only been working on knack for about 6 months and i am in constant need of small short bytes of advice on-demand. The main developer I use for knack does not have time for my small quick questions. 

I need someone who is available via some type of chat program whatever you prefer and occasionally via the phone for more complex questions.

If you are good at knack and want to make some extra money answering likely easy questions for you let me know. 


Hello Tony,


I'm available for any professional knack help.



Sunny Singla


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I offer this exact service (on-demand Knack help).

(Although this question was asked 3 years ago I’m answering it now in case others have a similar need).


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