_obf and ktlRoles

Guys I have tried to combine _obf with ktlRoles but does not seem to want to place nice

_obf=field_55, [ktlRoles, !AllowedTo] obfuscate for everyone except AllowedTo

is thios syntax right for a view?


I believe the square brackets are needed around the fields.

_obf=[field_123, field_456], [ktlRoles, !Allowed To]


That works :blush:

Hi Pete just as an aside KTL is not by Knack. You may get better and tailored advice if you post on GitHub issues/discussions.

I’ll try to help no matter where you post but it may confuse others.


Yes sorry Norm did say that I’ll post there.

Do you do custom dev?

Yes we do some.

Ok. I may have done work . What is your hourly rate?