Number to Autoincrement Warning

I imported a SQL table. The Project_Id is a number but it should be an autoincrement. When I try to convert it I get a warning message. See image…

How do I resolve this?

You can’t import into an auto increment field. You may find the below knowledge article of use.
This is not unique to Knack, auto increment fields are designed to not be updated by end users.

Thanks Carl. You had me worried here for a moment. I thought all was lost. :worried: So the trick is to use subterfuge. Bait and switch. I guess I can live with that.

I have something like 150 tables (MariaDB) in my business app. Most of which have an autoinc field. And all my client’s apps/tables have autoinc fields universally.

I think I’m good.

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Trying to match all your auto increment fields sounds like it’s going to be a challenge. :facepunch:
If you’re happy with the answer can you mark this thread as solved please. :pray: