No need for double login

I am running a membership site, that is hosting a few knack apps.  The problem I trying to solve is the double login. One for the membership site and another for each of Knack apps.


Is there some way I can have a single login  using the membership site login and have the user view and edit records in knack that are related the login profile of the membership site 



I also would like a solution for an automatic login into a Wordpress site when a user logs into an embedded Knack database. Can this be achieved with (custom) code?



I would like to solve this issue too.  It would be great if you could do login subscriptions with the e-commerce already built into knack. then I wouldn't need the membership plugin in WordPress on the website. 


I have a WordPress membership site with WooCommerce subscriptions, and then I use another second login to log into the app. It would be awesome if there was a tool to pass the login information to the website to the Knack database.


For now my workaround is using Zapier to create a login based on the new signup on the website. But it is still two separate logins.