New App Themes: we need your input!

We’re working on a theme library you’ll be able to apply to your applications!

These themes will control the look and feel of the app layout and different views like forms and tables and menus.

For example, we may do a big flat-design theme, or a Twitter Bootstrap-style theme.

We’d love any input on specific designs or UX elements you’d like to see. Images and URLs of specific examples would be super helpful.


Any updates on the bootstrap themes? This would be a giant leap forward - current app really looks dated.


This is a

 awesome bootstrap theme 

Especially every company now is heading to that side dashboard ui 

desktop & mobile would be a dream ! 

Still very much in the works. Our plan at the moment is to allow for easy Material and Bootstrap themes to start.

I've always been a fan of the dropbox theme. Transparent, bordered buttons and a clean-white background. 

Also it might be kind of cool to pick a background image like can be done with google mail.

So whats the latest on this? Its been almost a year now and the app looks very outdated in its current form.

I've managed to update a lot through CSS but I wonder how to implement something like to things like buttons and stuff.

I cant change the classes inside the app's html, so I wonder if there is another way? Probably using js...

Personally, the preference for the slide navbar would be similar to something seen on where we could have the global navbar with a few options on the top, with the ability to see sub-navbar options that would otherwise crowd an app with many pages. Having it on a desktop version would allow for a very clean looking app while still maintaining the functionality of all the visible pages.

Garrett, any specific examples you could link to for a "left-nav sliding navbar"? Would this be a mobile-only option?

Bootstrap-material theme with a left-nav sliding navbar for global tab menu and sliders/toggles would be a game-changer for us.

Yes! We just added a simple flat design theme (under settings>layout) and we're considering both a boostrap and bootstrap-material theme.

The trends recently have been clearly going towards, the Material design or at least the flat design. ( I would love to see responsive bootstrap material design themes. 

I love Bootstrap themes. This one in particular is really cool -

I'd love to be able to design the UI like also. 

An even simpler solution would be implementing a couple different themes and allowing for multiple HTML embeds per web page in order to pick and choose where to embed parts of the application. 

The Google design would be interesting. It is used also for some other web apps from third parties.

Same as Ken, I would love to see the ability to design the UI part like with the backend like Knack and of course support offline then it would be the leader :)

I agree with Ken. :)

Team that sounds very exciting and in all honesty I think once you've implemented with even three or four samples the ideas will flow on what's possible from there.  Looking forward to this update!

Not sure about entire themes. It'd be nice if we could have more control over individual UI elements. For example, I'd like to use my own image for the Ratings type...something other than Stars. I'd like to control the rows and cols of textboxes individually. And so on. My app is totally embedded so individual pieces are more important than entire themes.