Nested IF with "greater than"

I have an equation that works perfectly in Excel but I cant get to work in Knack - it doesn’t seem to like it when I use the > (greater than) symbol.

Here’s the equation just using fixed numbers, and as you can see there is an equation output that indicates it will work ok.

However, when I put in the > symbols where I would naturally put them in Excel (and which are pretty essential to have the correct output!), it suddenly doesn’t work any more:


I’ve tried putting brackets around the symbol and number - eg ==(>1.5)?1 but its still not working.

Any ideas anyone? (The resulting numbers will then be used to provide conditional formatting or icons inside a table)

Many thanks!

Hi @Lesley

I think the operator should be >= not ==>

==> is not a valid operator :star_struck:

Ah, OK, that is accepted as a valid equation, so appears to work in theory - I will test with some actuals shortly. (I thought the double = sign was an integral part of the IF statement set up, hence putting the > after that, but clearly not :upside_down_face:)
Once again, thanks for your help Carl.

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Glad to be of help :+1::rocket: