More/custom options for name field (additional titles, suffix, etc.)

It would be great to have the name's suffix as part of the name package. Much like Title is an option to precede the name the suffix, such as Jr., Sr. II, III, etc. could be part of the name field as well. Right now, I'm having to include it as a separate field and it doesn't look good having another column for it in views and reports, especially when most are empty and it's a wasted space whose width I cannot control.

Waiting on more options for the Title part of the Name Field. We work with a lot of clergy - Rev., Dcn. etc.

Would be great if customization of this field was possible.




You could use a "Text Formula" field to concentrate the 2 other fields and use just this one on the display and the other 2 on the add/edit.



Sorry for the bump, but here is a solution I used for a cleaner way of viewing title/name/suffix as one field on an editable form: Adding Title/Suffix Inputs into Name Fields on Forms - API & Customization - Knack Community Forum