Modal popups flushing to the top under the nav and login just on page when page is password protected

I’m currently embedding an app into a website and have come up with two small issues:

  1. Modal popups are loading flush to the top of the browser windows, which means they get tucked under the header, which basically makes them hard to close.

  2. If your page is behind a password I get the word “login” rendered on the webpage, that I then click and it opens a popup where you login. After that, the popup just keeps loading the app. If I kill the popup and refresh my page the app will then load embeded.

Seems a bit weird.

Hi @GSH,

Thank you for sharing! The second issue you mentioned is known and the engineering team is working to get that issue resolved. Sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced with this. Any fixes for this issue will be shared at once it’s released.

For the first issue, if you don’t mind, please submit the details to our support team via this link, so that we can get an official report of the issue to our engineering team. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions/concerns and they will be happy to help!

Managed to find a temporary band-aid by being able to set a z-index value on the items on the website so the modal loads on top. The modal loads with a z-index value of 2000 but for some reason this was still appearing under the navigation menu where the z-index was not set.

I therefore added this code:

.nav #main {
	position: fixed;
	z-index: 2; 

Which fixed the issue.

It’s not ideal, but may help others while your technicians work out why it’s behaving like this.

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