Menu Positioning

Currently, when creating a menu within a view it is left-aligned.

It would be wonderful, and enable more design creativity, if menus could be left, center, or right-aligned on a page.

Hi Marc, your solution does move the menu to the right, but when you click on the Menu, it doesnt display the options. In fact, nothing happens when you click on the Menu, that, fair enough, now is in the right. Did that happened to you?


Change to your view and add the following code to CSS to move the menu to the right.


#view_261 {
float: right !important;



I'm looking for the same capability. I'm surprised no one has found a way to do this.

Not working for me. Anyone have a way to align a menu button to the right?

Each anchor element needs positioning, this works for me:

#view_xx > div.control > {float: right;}

Hey Brad…thanks so much! Any idea why this isn’t working? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Not without seeing the inspector window of your menu items - there’s some additional styling there that might be preventing the CSS from working. You could try the !important attribute, and have you tried experimenting in the live page with inspector tools?

I have a little bit but not much. I’ll check it out and do some experimenting…many thanks!!