Matching dates

I know this about Knack dates and how they include the time. No idea how to fix it.

On a pivot table, I need to show the Orders from 7 days ago as the default source.

-Actual Order Date (Date field)
-7 Days Before Order (Actual Order Date minus 7 as a Date Equation. Date Type is days and Result Type is Date)
-Evaluation Date (Date equation as "currentTime()-7. Also Date Type is days and Result Type is Date)

-7 Days Ago? field. This is a Yes/No field with conditional rules:
…When 7 Days Before Order is Evaluation Date, set to Yes.
…When 7 Days Before Order is not Evaluation Date, set to No.

For an order entered today, both dates how as 3/14/24 (7 days ago). But the 7 Days Ago? field shows No. I assume this is because the time that Knack includes with dates means the fields don’t match.

Any idea how I can make this work? Thanks.

Never mind the last question. I created new Text fields for the two dates. And, compared the 2 text fields and it solved my problem.