*Make "Insert Video" (paste youtube/vimeo link) a FIELD TYPE

Right now, I am able to use the Rich Text field to insert a VIDEO LINK (from youtube/vimeo) and have the video display, that's awesome.

However, from a User Experience standpoint, it's not immediately intuitive to my users that they need to click the "Insert Video" link first when encountering the Rich Text field;

So, I'm wondering if we can make "VIDEO LINK" a separate field TYPE.

yes! What about one for live videos? For example I want to record a video WHILE I fill out a form and then store that video into the form (and thus the connected record). Currently on desktop I cannot record video, however accessing my app on mobile using the "file" field it provides an option to record video, but then I cannot access the form at the same time! So it would mean record video then fill out the form (or vice versa) but I would like to do both simultaneously.

A distinct video field like the image field would be extremely helpful!!

One shortcut is to enter the url in the rich text field and hit enter for a paragraph return and it seems to recognize it is a video and displays it immediately but I do agree that a distinct video field like the image field would be extremely helpful.

insert the video with iframe inside the rich text field and it works.