How to do a Record Count

Hi, I want to remove some Count Fields from my object to speed up the application, using

When I use PHP and make an API call with the parameters page=1&rows_per_page=1 in the return array, I use total_records to get the total count.

I was planning to do the same with, using the Knack App [Make an API Call], but when I use it, I get a status code Error: 400 - > Malformed App ID, Make an API Call seems to have a problem

I do not want to put the Knack credentials in plain text in a scenario.

If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Resolved, using Knack App Make API Call, do not put the url of Knack

query string : page with value 1 and rows_per_page with value 1 and get the response body total_records.