API - How to get all records?


I'm a complete newbie at API's so please forgive any stupid mistakes or assumptions :)

I've been working through the developer guide to try and get a data feed for a dashboarding platform called klipfolio. Using the documentation provided, I've been able to to get the right location of data however because in Knack builder the pagination only shows 25 records a page the data feed only shows 25 records. 


When verifying the data source, it says there are 301 records but only ever brings through 25. How can I return all the records in an object or page view ?

You can specify how many records to retrieve by adding rows_per_page to the end of your object's url (up to 1000). In your case that link would become:


Hi, are you referring to the REST API or the Knack User Interface? The API will allow you to GET up to 1000 per page if you so specify in your command line. Suggest using a tool like POSTMAN to connect to the API.