Login Form option to enforce a SSO provider

Currently the Login Form has options to support SSO via Google, Facebook, Twitter and Open Id - in addition to a knack email/password.

I would like email and password to be selectable option (like the SSO providers) so we can enforce login via Google. i.e have Email/Password unchecked.

Currently you can do this setup with custom code by hiding the Email and Password via CSS, rename the Sign In button with jquery.

Use Case

We use GSuite for our company mail. If someone were to leave our company, we can suspend or delete their GSuite access. Enforcing sign on through Google would remove access to both systems in one step.

It would be also nice for the Sign In with Google Plus to be more current "Sign In with Google" as Google Plus suggests some sort of Social Media dimension which is not part of our application.

Solved here


A bit of a beginner here. could you post further on how you did this tks

All good - after some trial and error, I found a way to:

* Hide the Email and Password via CSS

* Rename the Sign In button with jquery.