Load the Map View without needing to search first

I would like to be able to use the Map View as a view where I can see multiple locations (records) and click on them for pop-ups with more details, and not have to enter a postcode and press search first.

Agree. We need to view all entries entered on map prior to search. With over 3,000 users in US and Canada, we are limited to viewing 1,000 at one time with Knack settings for "pagination" and filter to "Active" users. It is necessary for all users to show on the map prior to a search. 

Agree.  This would be a great feature.  And while you are add it, add a SELECT feature on each item (like VIEW & DELETE) that lets you select a value from the map and assign it to a field on the form. 

I would like this feature as well. I have an application where I need to show the locations of the records and many of our users would like to start with the locations spotted on the map and then drill down to the record details. The problem with searching by city or zipcode is that you may be very close to a business/location but it may fall under neighboring city/zipcode.

I'm setting my start value as user's "current location" and radius 10 miles; that works well to preload some locations on the map. I think if you set a "specific address" it should work also. 

i love the idea