Live App: View Link Styles

Good news and great to see this update. :rocket:
Echoing comments from @MichaelG about view based overrides :+1:


Great news!

It would be nice having these buttons applied to link fields and file fields too! :+1:


Page links, action links and Delete is appearing in the print out while printing the page. These links should not display in print view. It the earlier legacy theme these links were not coming in print.

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Hey @ASOKAN - I’m working on an app today that isn’t using the new view links (still using CSS). My edit / view links still show when printing.
This application is not being printed so not an issue, but I think you’ll find this is standard behaviour.

Thank you CarlHolmes for the response!
In the earlier ‘LEGACY/Classic’ KNACKthemes these action links do not come in print. Still my old application working fine. In the new Knack standard theme these action links appear in print, occupying the space in the printouts. If we want a clean print page now we have to design a separate print page without these action links. Every time it increases our work! Hope KNACK clears this issue as soon as possible.

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It shouldn’t been too time consuming to create a print only view. You can simply copy the existing table to a new page linked from a menu and delete the links :rocket:

Are you thinking about to do the same with “Menu links”

Hi @Pálmar, we are! This feature is in active development. Stay tuned in Live App: Menu View Styles for updates.

Grate ! I will wote for the option to be able to hide menu buttons based on logged in users and other data.


@Jessie - is this going to be a global setting changing all menu button colours or can we define by each menu view.

Hello everyone, we are excited to announce the release of Menu View Design Settings! We hope this makes your life a little bit easier with less custom code to deal with.

A global style editor has been added for customizing the style of menu links used throughout your live app’s menu views. These controls are available for both Button and Tab menus. They are similar to those recently released for view links, giving your app a unified, modern look.


You can find further documentation in our knowledge base and our dev docs.

Make sure to follow the parent topic, :mega: It’s time for an improved live app! for more design setting updates, such as upcoming discussions about page menu and header design settings, as well as global overrides.

We appreciate your following along! Please share your thoughts.


@Ranasha - great to see you on the forum :facepunch:

Excellent news continuing the improvements to app customisation.

Will there be view based overrides in the future, so we can have different coloured menu buttons per view, like the attached :pray:

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Hey @CarlHolmes :wave:

Thank you for the welcome and good question! The ability to override the global view link style settings as well as the global menu view design settings is currently being developed.



I was tuning my app with it yesterday. Simple and allows a lot of divers possibilities
I noticed that the color of mouseover is automatic. I assume to keep it simple. Good enough!

Waiting impatiently for the page menu and header design settings, as well as global overrides. Strong DDB management with easy UX design = TOP!

thank you Knack Team!

Maybe you should update the product releases history.


This is a very helpful improvement. Keep it coming. Thanks!



Not a detail for top UX: for the page menu AND the mobile menu, we should be able to select the exact colors of the ACTIVE and MOUSEOVER text and background header menus. And it should behave the same way when the Format is Buttons or Tabs.

Right now those are automatic colors based on text and background color menus. Not enough.


And while on the PAGE HEADER subject, I remind Knack Team (I wrote it as a Request) to add the VERY USEFUL modern collaborative platform feature of having ICONS as menu, and a small text description under it, optional. Intuitive and saving valued space.


Greetings, everyone! We are excited to announce the release of View Link Styles Override settings!

You can now override your global design settings for view links and customize the style of each view link in your app. This feature enables further customization of the look of your app without requiring custom coding, and it’s similar to the recently released setting for view links. The new settings can be found in your views under the field containing the view link.


For further documentation, look at our knowledge base and our dev docs.

Be sure to continue following the parent topic, :mega: It’s time for an improved live app!, for more design setting updates including upcoming conversations around page menu and header design settings and overrides for all of these global design settings.

As always, we appreciate you following along! Let us know your thoughts.


Thanks @Ranasha - Great to see view leve overrides. :+1:

Been using them already :rocket:

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Good news - and I have used this a couple of times so far (unlike the global settings).

I have a suggestion though - it would be really useful to be able to choose (or preferably set up) a colour palette for an app so that you can get a consistent set of colours - setting them with the colour picker is tricky so you have to remember or store somewhere a list of hex codes which is a pain.

Definitely a step forward though!