Limit size of paragrah text field

I have a paragraph text field(Notes) that is displayed in a view.
I would like to limit it to 180 characters so it only shows the most recent.

Hey @EdCooper15510 - You can set a truncate value on a paragraph field.

So easy.
Thanks Carl!

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Yep, a very handy and often missed feature. :100:
If you wouldn’t mind marking this post as solved it would be appreciated :white_check_mark:

Never indicated ‘solved’ before.
I clicked ‘Solution’.
Is that correct?

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Yep, that’s the one, sorry, ambiguous terminology.
My thought process was that the issue has been “solved” by providing a “solution” :star_struck:
Thank you :pray:

Thank Carl.
I’d sure like to see Knack have an Android and iPhone/tablet version so field workers could take pictures from a ‘photo’ field type.

You can already, on mobile you can take a photo or upload from your phones gallery. I have several clients who do inspections on mobile. :iphone:

Yes. We’re doing that now and uploading from the gallery.
What we need is the ability to take a photo from a field and display the photo in that field without uploading from the gallery.
Possible now?

When I add an image field it only gives me 2 source options.
Upload or External.
So, how can I accomplish this?

It’s mobile inspections I’m after.