Let users delete their own submitet records


I have a table displaying some records. Everyone who is logged in is able to submit a form that is shown in the table. However, I want for the logged in user to be able to delete their own submissions from the table, but not everyone else's. Is this possible? I can't seem to get it to work. 

I have all the connections setup for the schema and users and so on. 


Kind of what I would want is something similar to this:


Is there any work around for this? 

Yes, I do realize that. However, then I have two tables (one with all, in this case, comments) and one with only the users. Does not seem like the most elegant solution. But I suppose there is no other way... 

Create a new table view that is connected to each user and add a delete link to the table.

Each user will be able to delete his or her own records.